N Scale Searchlight Signals

Pre-ORDER PERIOD: April 6, 2017 - JUNE 1, 2017

(Signals from this run may not be available outside of pre-orders (very limited quantities if they are), and I expect that a second run may not happen until 2018 or beyond... get e'm while they're here!)

Cutting Edge Scale Models is producing one of the first true-scale, fully-operational signal systems in N scale with no compromises - and we're making it low-cost and easy to use so that it's accessible to everyone. Our signal kits feature precise etchings, plastic fittings, brass masts (tube), and a perfectly scaled searchlight head.

To light our signals and still keep a prototypical appearance, we custom designed a tiny PCB that fits into the back of the signal head. Onto the tiny board is soldered a micro-sized RGB (red-green-blue) LED.

As a companion to the signals, we designed an innovative low-cost decoder, costing a third of comparable decoders, that offers the following advantages:

  • Adjustable color blending using CV values in the decoder to achieve proper color blending. No more mixing Red and Green to get an incorrect shade of yellow!
  • Prototypical vane movements and fading can be replicated simply by changing CV values in our decoder!
  • Compatibility with both common anode AND common cathode LED's if you want to use out controller board for your own signals!
  • Nine individual outputs on the controller board control up to three of our searchlight signals... It also works with RGY searchlights, standard 2-, 3-, and 4-element signal heads, color position/position signals, and more, all easily configurable through simply changing CV values.
  • Programming is easy - you don't need to connect the decoder to a programming track, simply install the included jumper and program on the main!
  • Integrated, low current draw, power supply allows easy installation - connect the decoder to your signal leads, plug in your track power, and start programming!
  • On-board current limiting resistors (optional) allow easy wiring.
  • Lunar (restricting) elements are finally possible to recreate with color mixing!

We will continue to expand more capability as time goes on, and firmware upgrades will be available from time to time that will make the boards better and better. You will be able to program the upgrades yourself with an ISP programmer, or you can send us your boards - for the cost of shipping we will update your firmware.