ALCo C636 Kit (N)

C636-G(1-9) Full Assembly - High Resolution Final Render 2.jpg
C636-G(1-9) Full Assembly - High Resolution Final Render 2.jpg
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ALCo C636 Kit (N)


The ALCo C636 was the builder's largest single engine diesel-electric locomotive. Built in the final years of the dwindling company, only one example survives today, in operating condition on the Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad. All C636 models rode on ALCo's 3-axle hi-adhesion trucks. The C636 was also exported to Australia for the Pilbara railroads. A list of US operators of the C636 is in the Additional Info section below.

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Please refer to this page for contents of this kit and the parts that you will need:

Pre-orders will run until January 1st, 2018 or until 60 units (C636 and M636 combined) are sold, whichever occurs first. Once 60 orders are made, we will begin production with an estimated lead time of 6-8 weeks. If 60 orders are not met by January 1st, 2018, your payment including shipping will be refunded and the project cancelled.

Roads that ran/run the C636:

  • Conrail (CR)
  • Penn Central (PC)
  • Delaware and Lackawanna (DL)
  • Illinois Central (IC)
  • Illinois Central Gulf (ICG)
  • Alco Demonstrators 
  • Burlington Northern (BN)
  • Spokane, Portland, and Seattle (SPS)
  • NYSW/SIXX/Cartier

The plastic components in this kit are made with an additive manufacturing technique known as SLA (Stereolithography). Our process is one of the most accurate in its category, producing parts with 25 micron layer thickness (half that of shapeways B-HDA) and a smooth surface finish. However, it will be possible to discern small layer lines upon close inspection with good lighting at a distance of 6-12 inches from the model. Light sanding, painting, and decaling will make these layer lines less obvious, and from a distance the layer lines will disappear. We warranty that our parts are free of defects such as missing components, cracks, holes, and other printing errors, but we do not issue refunds for for normal layering as described above.